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The Solly Baby Wrap is the coziest experience for both parent and baby while offering less bulk and easier storage than other options. While many carriers have a higher minimum weight before they can be used, the Solly Baby Wrap can be used from birth.

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Long Lasting Designs

Our wraps are designed for the first year or up to 25 lbs, and the majority of babes get the most use during the first 9 months.

Lightweight Function

Solly Baby wraps are easy to put on and give you comfort, less crying, and helps reduce rates of postpartum depression.

Made in America

Everything from the fabric to the packaging is made in the US and dyed with environmentally-friendly dyes and there is a handy self-enclosing pocket at the end of the wrap for easy storage.

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Most Recommended Organic Baby Products By Real Parents

When choosing organic baby products for your little one, you likely prefer to rely on advice from real-life parents. While organic baby brands mean well, their overall aim is to sell you their products.

Instead, let’s take a look at some recommendations of the best organic baby brands and organic baby products reviewed by real parents (just like you).

The Best Organic Baby Food For Feeding Time

Is your little one getting the very best formula or food for their nutrients? Using organic baby brands and their food products can bring better health to your little one. A study concluded that children who eat organic baby foods have less incidences of wheezing and eczema. 

Furthermore, there is a less chance of pesticides contaminating the food when you choose organic. This is important since infants consume a lot of fruits and vegetables through soft foods. 

Choosing organic baby foods offers peace of mind to parents. Below are some options to consider for your little one.

Organic Baby Formula That Nourishes Brain Development 🧠

Your baby might eat formula for the entire first year of life. There are plenty of organic baby formulas that you can feel safe feeding your baby, satisfying their tummy and helping them to feel full.

Parent Favorites:


This organic baby formula is mom-approved, providing your little one with essential fatty acids, iron, and nutrients to help them grow and aid in brain development. It’s an organic milk-based powder without hormones, steroids, or fertilizer. This real mom claims that the formula tastes close to breast milk without being too sweet.


This is yet another organic baby formula that was inspired by breast milk. It has one of the highest levels of prebiotics on the market. The milk is also produced on organic dairy farms.

Organic Baby Food No Newborn will Refuse 🤤

The organic baby formulas will surely have newborns cooing for more. But what are the best organic baby foods for feeding time?

Parent Favorites:


Happy Baby Organics was founded by a real-life mom with a love of healthy and organic baby food. These foods are made from 100% USDA organic couches and jars, including organic oats and cereal.


Beech-Nut Organics is another popular option for organic baby foods. They offer unique blends of organic foods that your baby will love.

Organic Baby Food Brands

When it comes to organic baby brands, you might be wondering about organic food makers. There are several brands that provide top quality organic baby food, made in the USA with quality ingredients.

Why should you consider baby food from organic baby brands? They ensure that your little one is getting the most important nutrients with safest and healthiest ingredients possible.

  • Earth’s Best Formula: Creates organic formulas from infant up to toddler. Contains prebiotics for immunity and essential ingredients for brain health and development.
  • Beech-Nut: A popular organic baby food brand offering soft foods for infants. Comes in a variety of flavors from organic fruits and vegetables.


  • Nurture Life (Sponsored): Our meals give your family veggies they’ll actually eat. Instead of oversimplifying our meals to fit what kids already like, we push the boundaries—just a little bit, here and there—to expand your child’s palate in a natural, non-threatening way. Order today and get 20% off meals that help the whole family eat delicious, nutrient-dense meals with coupon code “20OFF2”.
  • Plum Organics: Offers soft organic jarred baby food , puffs, and teethers.
  • Little Journey: Little Journey: Found at Aldi in the USA, this baby food is made from 100% organic ingredients.

High-Chairs (that will last until age 3 and beyond 👍)

When your little one is ready to sit up for feeding, it’s time to consider the high chair. It’s important to select a non-toxic high chair since your baby eats directly off the tray.

Some favorite non-toxic high chairs include:


A parent favorite since it arrives assembled and it does not contain BPA or lead. It is also fold-able, making it convenient for compact spaces.


This high chair is made from wood, which is a safer material than plastic that contains toxic chemicals. It comes with an eating tray that is dishwasher safe and it is made in the USA.

Must-Have Breast Pump For New Mommas🥛

A fed baby is a happy baby, but mother’s who are able to breastfeed can offer their babies unparalleled benefits.

Breast pumping is convenient for late night feedings, when you are on the go, or just need a break. 

According to moms surveyed on the What to Expect community, the must-have breast pump is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced.

Moms particularly love this brand of breast pump because of its portability. It is small enough to stash inside a diaper bag without being bulky. 

This pump is also favored for being easy to use and easy to clean. It’s a double electric breast pump with an adjustable speed and vacuum with an international adapter. 

The Best Organic Baby Bath Products

In addition to organic baby food, you might also be concerned about organic baby bath products. Organic baby bath products ensure a soothing bathing experience without the use of harsh chemicals.

In addition to soaps, other organic baby bath products include baby wash and even the tub where they bathe. Choosing safe products eliminates potential toxins in your baby’s bath. Whether it’s in soap or lotion, man-made ingredients can irritate sensitive skin.

Below is a list of suggestions for organic baby lotions and organic baby washes. These are organic, safe for your baby, and recommended by real parents.

Organic Baby Lotion 🧴

When it comes to choosing an organic baby lotion, you have several great options recommended by parents.

This parent recommends several organic baby lotions, including Barebaby Organics Organic Baby Lotion. There are no sulfates and it contains all natural ingredients including shea butter. 

Another option is Earth Mama Calming Baby Lotion with Lavender. Made from organic herbs and oils, it uses natural butters to soothe and hydrate your baby’s skin. The lavender brings an additional soothing and calming effect for your baby.

Lastly, another highly recommended baby lotion is Baja Baby Lavender Lotion. Yet another soothing and organic lavender product, it’s made from ingredients including organic ingredients like glacial water, pro-vitamin B5 and hemp seed oil. 

The Best Organic Baby Wash 🧼

Scrub-a-dub-dub, you need this organic baby wash in the tub! You care about the soap you use to bathe your little one. So, what is the best organic baby wash recommended by moms?

Babyology 100% Edible Baby Wash & Shampoo is so natural that you could eat it. There are no parabens, dyes, or perfumes. The ingredients contain items such as naturally-derived rosewater coconut fruit. These ingredients are intended to hydrate your little one’s skin without the use of hash chemicals.

This organic baby wash also doubles as a shampoo, so you get the best bang for your buck.

BPA-Free Bathtubs 🛀

Just like high chairs, baby bathtubs can also contain harmful chemicals within the plastics. Specifically BPA, this chemical can be harmful because it can leak out of plastic, especially in warm temperatures. In fact, the FDA banned the use of BPA in baby bottles for this very reason. 

When you’re searching for a BPA-free bathtub for babies, the PRIMO Eurobath comes highly rated by parents. It’s BPA free and suitable for children up to 24 months. It was also designed with safety in mind with a shape that prevents slips. This brings incredible peace of mind to parents who are worried about the safety of their baby in the bath

The Best Organic Baby Bum Care

From diapers to diaper rashes, babies’ skin care products and diapers can make all the difference. Until your baby is potty trained, you can expect to change up to 12 diapers a day for a newborn. The older they get, the fewer diaper changes occur.

When choosing the best organic baby products for diapers and creams, you’ll want to consider the ingredients of your diapers or lotion. The following items are made from safe and organic materials that keep your little one’s skin soft. They also help reduce irritants and rashes. 

Organic Diapers These New Parents Swear By 💩

Organic diapers typically come in the form of plant-based materials and soft cotton. They are designed to biodegrade in the landfill, unlike disposable diapers. 

Not only are organic diapers great for the environment, they also can help reduce irritation on baby’s skin. They are made without dyes, chlorine, bleach, and other potentially harmful chemicals.

The best organic baby diapers include Hello Bello, a line created by Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepherd. These parents wanted to offer an affordable organic diaper made of plant-based material. 

Another popular option is Andy Pandy Biodegradable Bamboo Disposable Diapers. This brand offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the diapers.

Organic Booty Paste Your Newborn Can’t Live Without 🍑

There’s nothing worse than finding chafing and red skin on your little one’s bum. Tried and true ointments might contain chemicals that you don’t want to use on your baby’s skin. Rest assured there are organic and natural options for you to use for organic diaper creams.


Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm comes highly rated from real parents. It’s 100% USDA certified and made with beeswax which is ethically sourced. Moms love this diaper cream option because it can reduce rashes within hours, depending on the severity. It’s made to comfort and soothe your little one when they need it the most

Organic Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin

When you need organic baby wipes that cleanup mess without man-made ingredients, one of the most favored wipes are Water Wipes.

Water Wipes are made almost entirely of water. Aside from water, the small fraction (.01%) of the second ingredient is fruit extract. These wipes are gentle enough even for premature babies.

Pipette baby wipes are another organic option. They are made from plant-based fiber materials for comfort and soothing the skin. Glycerin is a key ingredient for hydrating your baby’s skin with these organic baby wipes.

Finally, Pampers Aqua Pure baby wipes are similar to Water Wipes. They are made from 99% water and free from alcohol and parabens.

Wrap Up

Finding the right organic baby brands and organic baby products should be a stress-free experience. That’s why we designed this round-up of some of the best organic baby products that you can find today.

However, there are plenty more resources online to help you make your choices. You can find full lists of babies’ skincare products for bath time and diaper changes. This includes lists of organic baby wipes and much more.

What’s great about exploring new options for products is that you might discover new organic baby brands. Some of these brands are just emerging, yet they are blazing trails in terms of quality and satisfaction with parents everywhere.

When you’re looking for organic baby products, looking at ingredients is the key. There are extensive lists that you can find, but some of the most prominent ingredients to avoid includes talc, bleach, parabens, BPA, and sulfates.

These ingredients are found in a range of baby products including toys, baths, lotions, and soaps. When you choose organic baby products, you bypass the worry of these ingredients. Instead, natural ingredients are used including water, beeswax, and more.

Give your baby the best by choosing any of these organic baby products. You’ll be glad you did!

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