Solly Baby Wrap Review

Ashton Forzley

New Mom of 3 Month Old

What is Solly Baby and How New Parents Can Benefit From These Products

Baby carriers and wraps have become increasingly popular in the last few years as a means to hold your baby close and bond. Solly Baby has become a leader in the game with their effectively designed ‘Wrap’. So when it comes to writing a review where do I start? 

I’m continually impressed with Solly Baby as a brand and I love and use their products daily. The simplicity of the design is truly beautiful and the quality of the products as a whole is stellar. I can be confident that my baby is safe when I wear him all day and he sleeps happily close to mom.

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The fabric of this wrap was built to last and it SHOWS. It’s sustainably sourced and manufactured locally so the company is able to oversee all production aspects, making for a high quality, eco-friendly baby wrap

It is built to stand the test of time and be worn throughout many babies and generations. You can see and feel the attention to detail that went into the design process the second this wrap is in your hands.


The Solly Baby Wrap is genuinely a one-size fits all piece of fabric with a little pocket on the end to easily store in your diaper bag when you aren’t using it or to conveniently hold a pacifier when it is in use! It can be used from birth and throughout the whole first year and the fabric is so lightweight it could be comfortably worn for HOURS in every season. 

The simplicity of the design is stunning and convenient as it can be worn many ways to best support your baby and his needs! Solly Baby does a really great job of including tutorials or giving easy access to them on their site and social media that way you’ll never feel at loss.


This style is on pre-order status and will ship out mid September

Reduce infant crying, increase connection, enjoy hands free wearing, and wear your little one comfortably for HOURS on end in our lightweight, buttery soft and breathable Solly wrap.


By far my favorite feature of this wrap is the safety features it boasts! It mimics the womb to give your baby that ‘kangaroo care’, close to mom (or dad!) feel and promotes bonding

The 100% certified Lenzing Modal that the fabric is made of keeps germs OFF and regulates baby’s heart rate and body temperature. It calms gas, reflux and reduces crying by 43% – perfect for those colic babies! 

For mom, it evenly distributes weight throughout your body to avoid back pain and support your healing after just giving birth. If all that doesn’t clarify the safety, it also supports healthy spine and hip development! It’s no surprise this wrap is built the way it is given it was designed by a mother who had nothing but her baby’s safety in mind.

Solly Baby Wrap Tutorial: How to Use

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And That’s a Solly Baby Wrap

Literally as I’m writing this review, I’m wearing my baby in my Solly Baby wrap. I wouldn’t be able to get anything done without it! He’s sitting happily content against my chest. As a working mother this is one of my favorite brands to recommend to new mothers. So wrap up my friends and enjoy your hands-free time snuggled up with your LiLHuman!